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Yes Attitude – Past

Our past is our past. It cannot be changed. The only attitude to have is YES, I have a past.

For those past events that are happy experiences, we say yes. Yes I have had many great experiences, both lessons for the future and memories to cherish forever.

For those past events we remember as sad, troublesome, even tragic, we say yes. Yes, we will have had negative experiences, which we discover it best to consider of great value in growing as a unique person and living a full, rich life.

Yes Attitude – Present Moment

We will have discovered during our joyful pursuit of happiness the present moment is best lived with a yes attitude.

For those thoughts, words, and actions we enjoy, we say yes. Yes, we like all these, we’re experiencing joy here and now.

For those thoughts, words, and actions we choose, but find unpleasant, we say yes. Yes, these are unpleasant, but we have faith in discovering value through sense of accomplishment, fulfillment of obligation, and lessons learned.

Yes Attitude – Future

We will have discovered a “Yes” attitude toward the future leads to a joyful pursuit of happiness.

For those endeavors that feel attainable, we say yes. Yes, I have goals I know I can reach, and I am willing to act upon. believe in, and commit to whatever it takes to attain them. For those that seem beyond our reach, we say yes. Yes this appears to be beyond my reach, but I am willing to take the risk, enthusiastically pursue it, and to learn from the experience regardless of the outcome.