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Vehicles for Life

During our joyful pursuit of happiness we will have discovered there are three vehicles to help us on our journey:

  • Timely Action
  • Consistent Behavior
  • Purposeful Character

Each of the writings under the Journey heading to the right are our discoveries about action, behavior, and character.

Time for Action

We will have discovered on our joyful journey there comes a time for action. Thoughts are no longer appropriate and action is the very best course.

It becomes a sense of “just do it.”

Staying Too Long

Time to move on? No, wait, if I just hang on a year or two more, it will be……..

When to bow out of an environment is one of the challenging choices in life. Changing jobs, moving our residence, retiring, no longer living with parents, severing a relationship are some examples we all face during our joyful journey. No one bows out of environments with perfect timing every time.

We will have discovered, as we gain experience bowing out, we tend to err on the side of taking too long to move on. Our jobs go from challenging and rewarding to draining and boring. Our relationship with a friend can go from comforting and trusting to one of constant conflict and anxiety. Individuals are no longer in control of choosing a late retirement.

Fame and fortune bring example after example of this challenge via the media. Stage, screen, and TV stars; famous singers and musicians; superstar athletes and legendary coaches; and elected and appointed governmental officials provide example after example of going far beyond the best time to bow out.

With a successful past, it is very difficult to focus on future opportunities. Life is very difficult. We will have discovered as we review our journey in later years we regret most the things we did not do. Bowing out sooner versus later can be a major category of “If I had it to do over again……”

Change Now and Accept Later

We find ourselves forced to change many times in our experience. Some of these times we do not like whatsoever. 

We will have discovered on our joyful pursuit of happiness we need to accept our initial negative reaction. We are human. As time goes by, we can then work through it and choose how we might accept the change over time.

Assessing too slowly

Fast paced; slow paced. What is our immediate reaction to these? Good or bad? Effective or ineffective? Are they equal?

I believe if they polled enough people in America (whoever “they” are), the majority would say fast paced is positive and slow paced is negative.

Slow and steady wins the race.

                      Aesop fable; thousands of years ago 

Are we growing as individuals and/or as the human race, at a balanced pace?

Timely Choices

Speedy action, slow but sure, haste makes waste, what are we waiting for?!! 

There is always an issue of how long we spend thinking about a choice before we make it. When we judge others taking too long to take action we call them a procrastinator. When we judge they are acting too quickly we label  them too hasty.

The truth is we do not have all relevant information for any given choice. We are not all knowing. Perhaps the most important aspects of a choice in life is how much information do we choose to pursue and how much we choose to believe the information. Some of us are wired to have a bias to make the choice quickly based on the information we do have. Some of us tend toward gathering additional information until we feel we have identified all the options and considered each option thoroughly.

There is no right or wrong in most choices we make on a daily basis. It varies greatly by individual and by the nature of the choice.

Learn about life and about yourself by considering the results of your own choices. Include learning about the results of choices of others you know and trust. Do not dwell on the choices you made you believe you could have made better. We all have a tendency to beat ourselves up and continue to regret poor choices. It is by far best to learn from it and move on with our personal life journey.

When we “think about” a choice it is common to use words such as assess, consider, deliberate, estimate, evaluate, and weigh. Each word has meaning which varies somewhat. Let us choose “assess” as our word for thinking about choices.  Assess is the one word that brings in both the ideas of considering and evaluating.

The next few posts on OneRoad will be about assessing.

By the way, the only word in Roget’s New Millenium Thesaurus that has exactly the above list of synonyms is balance.