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Good Attitudes

Attitude is our inner thinking, feeling, or disposition about people, places, things, and circumstances. Attitude is one of the crucial fuels for thoughts, actions, behavior, and ultimately, character. We will have discovered having predominately bad attitudes does not lead to a joyful pursuit of happiness.

Life is very difficult. If we depend on our environment to give us good attitudes, we will not succeed. We must strive for a lifetime of hard work developing and growing good attitudes Some of the very best attitudes to pursue are:

  • loving
  • humble
  • forgiving
  • caring
  • respectful
  • helpful
  • patient
  • grateful
  • responsible
  • compassionate
  • peacemaking

We will discover developing good attitudes is a very holistic pursuit. Sometimes, we will find we can simply change our thinking and feelings. Many, many times we will find that approach just does not work. We may need to look at ourselves and our surroundings. Our hearts may tell us to look at what we put into our bodies, our level and type of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual activity, the nature of our relationships. By staying with it, we will have discovered our ability to discover the best first, second, and next steps on our journey to good attitudes.

It takes perseverance, another great attitude that deserves our focus.

Time for Action

We will have discovered on our joyful journey there comes a time for action. Thoughts are no longer appropriate and action is the very best course.

It becomes a sense of “just do it.”

Actions, Behavior, and Character

Thoughts lead to our actions.

Our actions become our behavior

Our repeated behavior become our habits.

Our habits become our character.

Our character defines who we are on this earth.

We will have discovered that what we do becomes who we are.

Building Character

We will have discovered on our joyful journey of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness true character is built by what we have done, not what we have thought.

The Characters of Man – Quote




Every man has three characters–that which he exhibits, that which he has, and that which he thinks he has

Alphonse Karr