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Consistent Behavior

Consistent behavior helps us build character, relationships, strengths, successes, and more. Like many great things, it can be overdone and become a weakness. We will have discovered it can be beneficial to have:

behavior that is consistent

  • With our beliefs
  • with our purpose
  • with our promises and commitments
  • with who we really are
  • with our daily needs
  • with the goals we set

Consistent behavior can become a weakness when we get stuck in our routines. We will have discovered a need to strike a balance between consistency and the personal growth that comes from creativity, risk taking, spontaneity, and intentional change.

Changing Ourself

There’s nothing wrong with me! It’s all because of them, they’re the problem!

We will have discovered on our joyful pursuit of happiness we tend to judge others on their obvious weaknesses and judge ourselves on our greatest plans yet to produce results.

We will discover we benefit by changing some things we don’t like about ourself. We cannot correct all our weaknesses; however we discover it is best to change some. Spending time on this is a difficult balance. Most of us will have the feeling late in life we spent too much time beating ourself up and being too frustrated at some of our weaknesses. The truth is some of those will not have even been weaknesses. We just thought they were.

We also will have discovered it is helpful to change some things we do like about ourself. Building on strengths is a part of this. Another part is losing interest and motivation. We all will find we become complacent about something we once liked very much; a habit, a physical characteristic, a belief, and more.

The best way we change ourself is through true belief the change is what we strongly desire, true belief we can do it, and true commitment to doing what it takes to get there. Asking “how do I know when I am there?” helps focus on the result.

Changing Our Environment

So many changes! They keep coming! It’s so hard to deal with.

We will have discovered on our joyful pursuit of happiness we cannot just let change happen to us.

We will have found we benefit from changing some things we do not like about our environment. We might change a friendship, a job, a relationship, a community, a cause. Changing our environment means we are likely to change others’ beliefs. We will likely need to influence others to agree with and embrace the change.

We also will have discovered it is helpful to change some things we do like about our environment. Building on strengths can be a great part of this. Another part is we may eventually find we become bored with something for which we were once thrilled. We will discover it is best to change before becoming bored rather than long afterward.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Oh, such weaknesses we have! How do we make them go away? How do we get better and better?

The truth is we will have found during our journey that focusing on eliminating our weaknesses does not help us very much at becoming a better and better person. There are extreme exceptions. If we are in denial of a debilitating weakness, we will continue a downward spiral until we hit a bottom or until we stop denying. If we admit it, we will need to focus on correcting the major weakness and nothing else.

Otherwise, we truly find spending more time building on our strengths is, by far, the very best way to personal growth. It’s a whole lot easier, it’s more fun, it’s more motivating, and most importantly, we can do it.

Some weaknesses are “wired in” to our beings to such a degree we cannot get rid of them. Sure, we can manage them to some level and it is best to do this. No human being on this earth is capable of eliminating all their weaknesses.

Balancing our efforts is the key. This means spending most of our time building on strengths and spending a smaller amount of time managing our weaknesses. Easier said than done. Recording our successes helps more than beating ourselves up for one step backwards.

Assessing Ourselves

Who in the world are we?!

The more we experience life the more we discover ourselves. We discover new traits and abilities, we surprise ourselves, we’re told something about us we would not have believed about ourselves, and sometimes we deny it when we shouldn’t.

One of the best behaviors we can have is self discovery. No one knows themself perfectly. The journey is to grow in our knowledge and understanding of self.

The exact words may vary, but many wise people have said we tend to judge ourselves based more on our aspirations than our current strengths and weaknesses.

That still leaves the answer to the question, “who in the world are we?” The answer is no one knows exactly, it’s part of the journey. Assessing ourselves is a part of assessing life’s choices — perhaps the most important part.