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Faithful Commitment

Faithful commitment is a fuel to use wisely on our joyful pursuit of happiness. We will have discovered a faithful commitment becomes the foundation on OneRoad Traveled for many other important and desirable traits. These character traits are very difficult to attain without commitment:

  • dedication
  • determination
  • devotion
  • focus
  • resolve
  • self-control
  • self-discipline
  • perseverance

In the end, all the subtle shades of meaning can be combined. Getting a result, arriving at a destination, may very simply require the fuel of faithful commitment to do whatever it takes to get there.

Action Definition

Action is realizing or orchestrating a result. For example:

  • A new action
  • A repeat action
  • Ceasing a behavior
  • Choosing to do nothing

We will have discovered on our joyful pursuit of happiness the meaning of action is much closer to creating a result than creating movement.

Changing Ourself

There’s nothing wrong with me! It’s all because of them, they’re the problem!

We will have discovered on our joyful pursuit of happiness we tend to judge others on their obvious weaknesses and judge ourselves on our greatest plans yet to produce results.

We will discover we benefit by changing some things we don’t like about ourself. We cannot correct all our weaknesses; however we discover it is best to change some. Spending time on this is a difficult balance. Most of us will have the feeling late in life we spent too much time beating ourself up and being too frustrated at some of our weaknesses. The truth is some of those will not have even been weaknesses. We just thought they were.

We also will have discovered it is helpful to change some things we do like about ourself. Building on strengths is a part of this. Another part is losing interest and motivation. We all will find we become complacent about something we once liked very much; a habit, a physical characteristic, a belief, and more.

The best way we change ourself is through true belief the change is what we strongly desire, true belief we can do it, and true commitment to doing what it takes to get there. Asking “how do I know when I am there?” helps focus on the result.

One Step at a Time

The way we work toward our goals is by taking one step at a time. If we have a goal and don’t get there in one giant step, maybe the step is too giant. We must always envision the steps that it will take to reach our destination.

How to make choices happen is matter of setting specific goals and defining the steps needed. In virtually all environments there is some version of the how the destinations and the steps needed are defined and organized. Scientists, engineers, architects, information systems specialists, leaders of all walks of life have approaches that work for them. The truth is they all look very much the same.

Problem (opportunity) identification, analysis, design, implementation, and follow through is the context of all these approaches. In varied terminology, it would go something like this:

  • Assess where we are
  • Choose to make a change
  • Build information
  • Assess all related information
  • Build a set of options
  • Assess the options
  • Choose an option
  • Choose the steps
  • Build the first step
  • Assess where you are
  • Choose to make adjustments
  • And so it goes