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Product Packaging

Opening presents Christmas morning! Wow! One of the great, memorable experiences in life!

Comparing my childhood with today, there are two differences that come to mind. I remember my friends and I receiving a few meaningful presents from Santa and they were easy to open. Today, my grandchildren receive many, many gifts from Santa and family and they are as difficult to break into and get to the treasure as breaking into Fort Knox to get to the gold.

The clam-shell packaging breakthrough is a breakthrough in the packaging and marketing world, but not in the consumer world. We cannot break through the packaging!!!

I understand the need to balance 1) the safety and security, 2) the marketing aspects, and 3) customer convenience. I believe the industry has done the very best they can and the designers and implementers are to be commended. Progress at its best!

In the same category of tremendous improvement are the following:

  • Screwing off juice tops
  • Removing prescription pills and over-the-counter medications
  • Peeling back plastic seals after microwaving – or without microwaving
  • Removing the very first soda can from the breakthrough fridge package

I believe, however, there are satanic packaging gremlins that alter the final product distributed. They get in there and make the opening of the package to score in the 99 percentile of the stress meter. They use some kind of kriptonite glue. The customer service number for all packaging becomes 1-800-houdini. They then all get together at the local pub and shout “two out of three ain’t bad, hahahaha -got ’em!” 

Safety, security, and marketing are all well and good; however we need to find these satanic packaging gremlins and tell them, “we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more!” and then nuke them.

This is a sidetrip on our joyful journey of the pursuit of happiness.

Health Care Savings

Health care is being provided at such a great value I want to!!##??xx

I inherited Type 2 diabetes from my father. I control it with diet and exercise. My periodic glucose level checks via a medical lab blood test and my testing at home have been consistent and within targets.

A while back, I purchased a glucose testing monitor and have since used the test strips and lancets compatible with the vendor monitor for my periodic home testing.

In an attempt to reorder test strips recently from my health plan’s prescription provider, I discovered the strips to be no longer on the preferred list. My options were:

  1. Pay megabucks for the strips compatible with my monitor
  2. Pitch my monitor, purchase a new one that is on the preferred list and purchase  test strips that are compatible and on the preferred list
  3. Go a drug store, purchase test strips for my current monitor.
  4. Discontinue testing

The most cost effective choice is option #2, given I continue testing. It appears to me I need to spend more money in the short term to feel safe and to enable the presciption drug provider to make more money. Doesn’t that mean I need to discontinue testing to realize a health care savings (for me!)?

What shall I do?

This is a sidetrip on my joyful journey to the pursuit of happiness