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Importance of Knowledge

The great end of life is not knowledge but action

                 Thomas Henry Huxley

This is a OneRoad Traveled RoadSign. We will have discovered on our joyful pursuit of happiness that a perspective on what we do not know is much more important than what we do know.

Change Over Time

Change can be instantaneous. Change can take centuries. Sometimes a change appears instantaneous when the truth is one or more people have been working on the change for a very long time. The longer something has been stable, the more difficult it is to change and the longer it may take to change.

We sometimes try to change something and discover it remains the same. We will have found on our life journey it is best to learn from this and to never assume it will remain the same forever. Without additional action, we may find the change long, long afterward.

We may not become aware of a change. That does not mean we made no impact. It may simply mean we do not know about it. A perspective on what we do not know is much more important than what we do know.

The impact each individual has on others, both present and far into the future, is much greater than is known. We shall rejoice as often as we can in the positive impact we will have had on others, some of which we will know nothing about (while on this earth).

Accept Situation and Change View

During our joyful journey we will have found accepting a situation as it is and changing the way we view it is extremely powerful. It is the most powerful combination of accepting and changing since we have total control over how we view anything.

Assessing Time Factors

Assessing with a perspective on time helps us tremendously to make effective choices. If we are assessing information in order to make a choice, we may not think to include time factors. A few examples are:

  • Given choosing to make a change, how long has it been the way it is?
  • Given choosing to acquire a product or service, how long has the product or service been available?
  • Given choosing to get a certain result, how long has it taken others to get this result?
  • Given choosing to develop a relationship, how long might it endure?
  • Given choosing a career, how long is its life expectancy?

The longer anything has been the way it is, the harder and/or longer it takes to change whatever it is. The future is an unknown. Life is hard. 

Multiple Choices

For most choices we make in life there are multiple options.

In the classroom tests take on various structures, multiple choice, true-false, fill-in-the-blank, short answer, and essay. Answers are graded by the teacher as right or wrong in most cases and a judgment is made in the others. Many take this model into life after school and believe there are mostly right and wrong answers and the judgment of those in authority is the correct judgment.

Life does not work this way. Best choices in life vary substantially by individual. We are each wired with different sets of strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. Absolute right or wrong is rare. Choices in life are much closer to the multiple choice questions with the answer:  all the above.

Feeling we don’t know the answer in the classroom creates concern and stress. Feeling we don’t know the answers in life creates an enormous amount of unnecessary stress in this world. A perspective on what we do not know is infinitely more important than what we do know.