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Yes Attitude – Past

Our past is our past. It cannot be changed. The only attitude to have is YES, I have a past.

For those past events that are happy experiences, we say yes. Yes I have had many great experiences, both lessons for the future and memories to cherish forever.

For those past events we remember as sad, troublesome, even tragic, we say yes. Yes, we will have had negative experiences, which we discover it best to consider of great value in growing as a unique person and living a full, rich life.

Returning to a Place From the Past



There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have changed.

Nelson Mandela

Do You Like Change?

Change is such a hassle! I hate change! Let’s keep things the way they are!

Some simply do not like change. They want things to stay just the way they are. When faced with a change, they resist. However, if asked if they would like to return to a time in the past, they resist.

We will have discovered it is easy to understand why many people will say they want things to stay just the way they are. It is difficult to understand why they don’t like change. If a person likes they way things are, then years later likes the way things are and resists the thought of returning to the past, there is only one conclusion we can have. They like change!

What we cannot change

Sometimes it seems there is an unlimited number of things in life we cannot change. The truth is there are fewer than we tend to believe. However, here are three very important aspects of our journey of life that we cannot change.

  • The past
  • The pace of time
  • The differences in people

These aspects of life have something else in common. People have spent unmeasurable time and effort wishing, hoping, and trying to change them.

We will have learned that understanding, accepting, and refusing to dwell on what we cannot change is a joyful trait to learn.

Oh, one more thing we cannot change. Life is often unfair. Enough said.

The Past

Should have chosen the other path! Could have gotten in, if it hadn’t been for that teacher! Would have done that, if only I had known. Shoulda, coulda, woulda!

We all have a tendency to blame the past for where we are on our journey. We’re human. None of our pasts are perfect. Blaming the past and dwelling on regretful experiences have a way of causing our journey to be stressful, not joyful.

Celebrate the past. Learn from it. Cherish it. The past is already a part of each OneRoad Traveled. Unhappy experiences are a part of our journey, but they can lead to significant paths of happy future experiences. Every joyful human being has had unhappy experiences.