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Yes Attitude – Past

Our past is our past. It cannot be changed. The only attitude to have is YES, I have a past.

For those past events that are happy experiences, we say yes. Yes I have had many great experiences, both lessons for the future and memories to cherish forever.

For those past events we remember as sad, troublesome, even tragic, we say yes. Yes, we will have had negative experiences, which we discover it best to consider of great value in growing as a unique person and living a full, rich life.

Instant Gratification

That sounds awesome. I want to do that now. Let’s do it. No matter what!

Instant gratification creates an very interesting result. Many times a spur of the moment choice becomes a lifetime memory. The memory can be a great pleasure remembered over and over. It can also be a lasting regretful experience. A desire for the moment becomes an event for the rest of our lives.

We will have discovered savoring the great memories and putting the regrets behind us with a commitment to avoiding in the future are the best paths to take on our joyful journey of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.