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Belief in Jesus Christ

Some believe Jesus Christ did not exist.

Some believe Jesus Christ was a famous person

Some believe Jesus Christ was a great prophet and teacher

Some believe Jesus Christ died on a cross.

Some believe Jesus Christ the Son of God, died on The Cross, was Resurrected, and accept Christ as their Savior.

December 25 we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and have done so for decades and decades. We are not completely sure  December 25 is the exact birthday, but that day is the day we have chosen for Christmas.

There is no bigger birthday celebration. I believe Jesus Christ deserves such a party for the impact his life has on the human race. A really great, extremely big party requires lots of hard work, lots of food, lots of gifts, and lots of love. I cannot imagine there ever being a bigger and better birthday party than the one people have around the world at Christmas. I believe Christ is quite impressed and is especially pleased with our giving the gifts to one another.

Christians and Jews – Agreement

The following is not an original, but the exact quote and the author credited for the idea escapes me.

Christians and Jews have been fighting for centuries. The Jews believe Jesus Christ was a great person, but was not the Messiah. They believe the Messiah will come someday. The Christians believe Jesus Christ was the Messiah and will come again someday.

How about focusing on agreements versus disagreements, wait for the Messiah to come someday, and ask Him if He has been here before?

This is a roadsign for our journey to a joyful pursuit of happiness.