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Change Now and Accept Later

We find ourselves forced to change many times in our experience. Some of these times we do not like whatsoever. 

We will have discovered on our joyful pursuit of happiness we need to accept our initial negative reaction. We are human. As time goes by, we can then work through it and choose how we might accept the change over time.

Human diversity

Accepting people are different is mysteriously difficult to do for humans; at least, it is a mystery to Papaw Arthur.

People come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Let us think of things on this earth that come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Are those positive images or negative? Now let’s add personalities, skills, backgrounds, and beliefs. Don’t we all feel that is quite an awesome treasure? Now add sex (gender, of course)!  

The answer probably lies in the fact we are each a human being, not a tree. If our brain could somehow be the brain of a small evergreen, would it have a bias for evergreens and against maples, and a compulsion to be taller and have beautiful golden leaves?

Accepting people are different significantly helps our joyful pursuit of happiness.

The Past

Should have chosen the other path! Could have gotten in, if it hadn’t been for that teacher! Would have done that, if only I had known. Shoulda, coulda, woulda!

We all have a tendency to blame the past for where we are on our journey. We’re human. None of our pasts are perfect. Blaming the past and dwelling on regretful experiences have a way of causing our journey to be stressful, not joyful.

Celebrate the past. Learn from it. Cherish it. The past is already a part of each OneRoad Traveled. Unhappy experiences are a part of our journey, but they can lead to significant paths of happy future experiences. Every joyful human being has had unhappy experiences.