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Life Goals

The reason each and every one of us are on this earth is to live and to grow and to help other life grow.

In our early years we yearn to shoot for the stars. We seek to resolve our hopes and dreams with a sense the world around us will permit these hopes and dreams to be attainable. We seek information from friends, family, teachers, various media and more. The focus is on outside information.

We will have discovered these goals may or may not be met. New goals can be set, new dreams pursued. This becomes a journey of growth.

The danger is to take the path of a never-ending drive toward self gratification.

Losing a Friend

I was looking in the mirror a few minutes ago and I thought what others have said to me today, “you look like you just lost your best friend.” That’s because I did.

I received a phone call early today that changed my world. My best friend’s sister-in-law informed me my friend had died of a massive heart attack yesterday. It was completely unexpected at his age 58. His brother couldn’t do the necessary communication; he’s not doing well with this. It was the first time someone that close to me died unexpectedly.

We were best friends in high school. He and I lived hundreds of miles apart but were as close as technology allows. We kept in touch with phone, email, an annual golf trip, and an occasional visit to my home.

I’ve always had a “must visit” list and have successfully brought it from a lengthy list of hopes and dreams to a very short list of commitments. Visiting him at his home slowly but surely got to the top of my “must visit” list. A mutual friend of mine and I had decided just last week to travel to his home in February.

Hawaii, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Stockholm, New York City, Asheville NC, and Vancouver just don’t seem important anymore. Visiting someone we love should always be at the top of the list and something we just do.

Grieving over the loss of a loved one, family or friends, is an extremely difficult but necessary sidetrip on our journey to a joyful pursuit of happiness