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Commitment to Personal Growth

We are physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual beings. Personal growth happens without our placing a strong commitment to our own growth. We humans tend to let things happen, react, and learn.

Physical  –  Physical growth is taken for granted. We mature in our late teens/early twenties. Done deal. However, a commitment to physical growth as an adult becomes a commitment to health and fitness.

Intellectual – We do pursue education enough to become employed and devote attention to training needed to do our job. However, a commitment to intellectual growth becomes a pursuit of a broader wisdom and a deeper understanding of mother nature and human nature.

Emotionally – We find ourselves able to generally become an emotional adult versus feeling and displaying the emotions of a five year old. However, a commitment to emotional growth is a commitment to improve self-control, patience, love, integrity, and our peacemaking skills. 

Spiritually – Most of us believe God and heaven do exist. We may discover a time when we want to know more. If not yet a longing, a commitment to spiritual growth is to strive to tap our inner self, beyond just using our intellect. We develop our heart, intuition, peace of mind, and more.

A commitment to personal growth requires a commitment to a growing understanding of humility. 

What have I learned? What have I discovered? How can I grow? These are question we can ask ourselves at the end of each day, each week, each month, each year, and each decade.

We will have discovered on our joyful pursuit of happiness that a commitment to personal growth is difficult to maintain and difficult to feel great success in one day, one week, or one month. Over a decade, with great humility, we will have discovered a tremendous sense of personal accomplishment.


Assessing using our brain

Thinking about life choices WOW!! Isn’t it great to have a human brain? It is clearly the best brain for thinking on planet earth. How we use it is up to us.

The “experts” say the thinking we do in the left side of our brain is different than the right side. No one knows what they will say decades from now. We all tend to find we’re most successful using our right brain sometimes, our left brain sometimes, and then to learn from it. When a tough choice comes up, we do our best by using our right brain, left brain, heart, tips of our fingers, and both kneecaps.

We must remember, if we use one side of our brain a whole lot more than the other, we will find ourselves walking around mostly leaning in one direction. Others will think we look strange.