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Yes Attitude – Future

We will have discovered a “Yes” attitude toward the future leads to a joyful pursuit of happiness.

For those endeavors that feel attainable, we say yes. Yes, I have goals I know I can reach, and I am willing to act upon. believe in, and commit to whatever it takes to attain them. For those that seem beyond our reach, we say yes. Yes this appears to be beyond my reach, but I am willing to take the risk, enthusiastically pursue it, and to learn from the experience regardless of the outcome.

The Past

Should have chosen the other path! Could have gotten in, if it hadn’t been for that teacher! Would have done that, if only I had known. Shoulda, coulda, woulda!

We all have a tendency to blame the past for where we are on our journey. We’re human. None of our pasts are perfect. Blaming the past and dwelling on regretful experiences have a way of causing our journey to be stressful, not joyful.

Celebrate the past. Learn from it. Cherish it. The past is already a part of each OneRoad Traveled. Unhappy experiences are a part of our journey, but they can lead to significant paths of happy future experiences. Every joyful human being has had unhappy experiences.

Assessing Time Factors

Assessing with a perspective on time helps us tremendously to make effective choices. If we are assessing information in order to make a choice, we may not think to include time factors. A few examples are:

  • Given choosing to make a change, how long has it been the way it is?
  • Given choosing to acquire a product or service, how long has the product or service been available?
  • Given choosing to get a certain result, how long has it taken others to get this result?
  • Given choosing to develop a relationship, how long might it endure?
  • Given choosing a career, how long is its life expectancy?

The longer anything has been the way it is, the harder and/or longer it takes to change whatever it is. The future is an unknown. Life is hard.