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Commitment to Individual Responsibility

Those of us living in a democracy are able to exercise freedom of choice. Along with this freedom comes a need to be willing to make responsible choices. When we become no longer willing to accept personal responsibility for our life journey we are creating building blocks for a freedom that has no bounds. This type of freedom does not carry a concern for potential consequences for other individuals, communities, and the country as a whole.

As individuals in a society we have duties that are obvious and clear but are often taken for granted. We have a duty to be the best we can be in the role of:

  • student
  • family member
  • resident of a community
  • citizen
  • member of organizations

We must recognize these to be the highest of responsibilities. We must recognize individual responsibility means we are accountable for our own actions; past, present, and future. At the same time, we must know life brings countless outside forces that limit our options for action. Life is not always fair. Life is difficult.

We will have discovered on our joyful pursuit of happiness freedom of choice is best exercised by making and maintaining a commitment to taking full personal responsibility for our own OneRoad Traveled.

Structured Behavior

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness might suggest each of us can do anything legal, anytime. There is a great deal of truth in that; however, constant unplanned, reactionary behavior doesn’t work for any of us.

We discover primarily imposed structures from birth to leaving high school. Eventually, our human nature causes us to cry freedom and have a bias toward self centered and immediate gratification type behavior. In today’s world it has become more of the attitude and temptation than ever before.

It is very challenging to embrace the reality that choosing our own structured behavior is the highest expression of freedom we humans can attain. We will have discovered defining our daily routines and ongoing habits, combined with providing a balance of opportunities over time for spontaneous actions and pleasures, is the true definition of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Change and Growth

We find it is necessary many times to change with the changes in our environment. 

When change comes at us, it is best to view it as a valuable opportunity to learn and to grow. We have freedom of choice and changes in our environment is one of the crucial times to exercise that freedom.

We can choose how to view the change. We can choose how to learn and to grow as a result of the change. Changing is growing and learning.

Freedom of Choice

It is such a blessing to have freedom of choice. Giving up our freedom of choice is unthinkable, yet making choices in life can be the most difficult and frustrating thing we do. There is no magic wand. Life is hard, unfair, and even tragic at times. Life also offers breathtakingly joyful experiences and can be loads of fun.

We each go on our journey of life without a map and without directions. The purpose of this writing and the next few writings is to share what I’ve learned about setting directions in one’s life.

Crucial to making good life choices is an understanding of both the information one has and the information one does not have. Making better choices is a journey of learning from past choices and applying this experience to future choices. Too much time spent considering poor choices in made in the past is very common for humans. Limiting our time dwelling on the past and focusing on learning from both good and bad choices is the best approach.

We have no control over choices made in the past and many times we do not have complete control over future choices. Our lives can be characterized as the sum of the choices we make combined with the countless choices of countless others. We must not dwell negatively on the quality of the choices of others. Focus on your future choices and know that you do have influence over others’ choices to some degree. The most successful ways to influence others is setting an example by your own actions, or to communicate by using a real example that worked, or both.