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Commitment to Family

A strong sense of commitment is the foundation for a strong, fully-functional family. The commitment of each family member includes:

  • Giving heartfelt appreciation to family members when deserved
  • Spending time together
  • Showing affection
  • Constructively solving problems using compromise, boundaries, and agreements
  • Communicating completely to understanding
  • Managing stress and crises with a focus on learning lessons of life and having faith in the future
  • Developing and honoring a set of family principles
  • Nurturing a “yes” attitude
  • Using internal and external people, tools, and information for addressing the present and planning for the future.

The approach to commitment is best viewed as a commitment to helping each family member to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually; including oneself and the family unit as a whole.

As adults, we will have discovered on our joyful pursuit of happiness the paramount commitment becomes growing emotionally and spiritually and helping all family members to grow emotionally and spiritually, without condition.

Goals and Problems

Asked to choose their generation’s top goals from among five options, 18 to 24 year-olds listed these as either most important or second most important:

  • To get rich                                              81%
  • To be famous                                         51%
  • To help pe0ple who need help            30%
  • To be leaders in their community      22%
  • To become more spiritual                    10%

They also said their most important individual problem is:

  • Money/debt                                           30%
  • College/education                                  18%
  • Career/job                                               16%
  • Family/relationships                               7%
  • Health                                                        2%
  • National/Int’l conditions                         2%
  • All other (including don’t know)          29%

Hmmm! Quite an indication of the character of today’s youth!

Happy Easter!

Source: Pew Research Center 2006 Generation Next Survey

Information Sources

One hundred years ago, information sources were primarily family, friends, teachers, books, and periodical newspapers and magazines. These reflected reality, not 100% reality, but close. Prior to the written word, it was just family and friends.

Today, primary information sources are radio, television and the internet. I believe the statistics show young Americans spend much more time consuming media information than consuming information from school, family, or books. 

Information from the media is not reality. It is fantasy. We have all experienced many times seeing or reading something in the media when participating in an event. Rarely did the media account represent what happened. The representation of those in radio, television, film, and internet advertising is not real, but fantasy.

In America, the mass media is comprised of businesses with the primary objective of making a profit. They provide a product and service their target market would like to consume. That’s entertainment, not reality. That’s temptation, not human service.

We will find using information from the mass media on our journey of life choices is not effective. We will find our own experience, intellect, spirit, and family provide superior information for us to make the best choices in our journey of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.