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Yes Attitude – Past

Our past is our past. It cannot be changed. The only attitude to have is YES, I have a past.

For those past events that are happy experiences, we say yes. Yes I have had many great experiences, both lessons for the future and memories to cherish forever.

For those past events we remember as sad, troublesome, even tragic, we say yes. Yes, we will have had negative experiences, which we discover it best to consider of great value in growing as a unique person and living a full, rich life.


On our journey to a joyful pursuit of happiness, we will have found it best to treat everything, absolutely everything, as valuable information, and learn from it. The conscious habit of building on experience strengthens the foundation for our OneRoad.


Me biased? No Way! Yes Way.

On our journey of making choices in life, each of us will be biased many, many times. Part of our journey is to assess our weaker choices and learn from them, including identifying when we were biased. Here are examples of some of the biases we may discover in our future choices.

  • Bias against change – To change our thought patterns that have worked in the past or to look beyond the scope of our past experiences are very difficult to do.  New circumstances may require we do so in order to make the best choice.
  • Bias for initial information. We can very easily gather some information, form a conclusion, then add information that supports the early choice and disregard the rest. 
  • Bias toward the information sources – We sometimes rely on what we’re told most often and by the most sources. We are capable of generalizing the source, e.g., one person’s information becomes an entire organization’s information. We may simply know the source well and either really like them or really not like them.