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Changing Environments

We will have discovered as we pursue happiness if we choose to change our environment and we know where we want to go, there are roads that lead there.

If we do not know where we want to go, we will find we can choose any road we want! We simply need to realize we do not know our destination. That is very much OK!

We must embrace the feeling we have. If we are making an effective choice to bow out gracefully from our environment, we must feel we are choosing to move in a new direction.”

Feeling like “I’m heading out of here, I cannot stand it anymore,” is a ticket to undesirable trials and tribulations.

Changing Our Environment

So many changes! They keep coming! It’s so hard to deal with.

We will have discovered on our joyful pursuit of happiness we cannot just let change happen to us.

We will have found we benefit from changing some things we do not like about our environment. We might change a friendship, a job, a relationship, a community, a cause. Changing our environment means we are likely to change others’ beliefs. We will likely need to influence others to agree with and embrace the change.

We also will have discovered it is helpful to change some things we do like about our environment. Building on strengths can be a great part of this. Another part is we may eventually find we become bored with something for which we were once thrilled. We will discover it is best to change before becoming bored rather than long afterward.

Change and Growth

We find it is necessary many times to change with the changes in our environment. 

When change comes at us, it is best to view it as a valuable opportunity to learn and to grow. We have freedom of choice and changes in our environment is one of the crucial times to exercise that freedom.

We can choose how to view the change. We can choose how to learn and to grow as a result of the change. Changing is growing and learning.