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Paths for Life

For the countless choices in life, the truth is there are simply three paths before us at all times:

  • Accept with Peace
  • Bow Out with Grace
  • Change with Responsibility

The paths for our joyful journey are as easy as ABC to describe and as difficult to execute as life itself.

When Not to Bow Out

We will have discovered there are times we feel like leaving an environment or situation. Sometimes it is the best choice to make. Sometimes it is not.

We do not bow out simply because there is pain, anger, and fear, hoping to go to a place where that never happens. There is no place absent of sources of pain, anger, and fear.

Being in a job, a relationship, a group endeavor, virtually any environment we experience over time, includes a commitment to work through the difficulties. Those difficulties many times will cause pain, sorrow, grief, anger, fear, and even tragedy.

We do not bow out if our heart truly tells us we are quitting, avoiding, or giving up.

Changing Environments

We will have discovered as we pursue happiness if we choose to change our environment and we know where we want to go, there are roads that lead there.

If we do not know where we want to go, we will find we can choose any road we want! We simply need to realize we do not know our destination. That is very much OK!

We must embrace the feeling we have. If we are making an effective choice to bow out gracefully from our environment, we must feel we are choosing to move in a new direction.”

Feeling like “I’m heading out of here, I cannot stand it anymore,” is a ticket to undesirable trials and tribulations.