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Bad Attitudes

We easily see bad attitudes when they are displayed in words or actions. Here are a few:

  • negative
  • critical
  • defiant
  • impatient
  • uncooperative
  • apathetic
  • presumptive
  • rebellious
  • arrogant
  • self-centered
  • rude
  • hateful
  • unforgiving
  • resentful
  • confrontational
  • hopeless

These are bad attitudes we see in others through words and action. It is more difficult to see these in ourselves, but we all have bad attitudes come into our thoughts. When we express these thoughts in words and action, we tend to deny, blame, or rationalize.

These are bad attitudes leading to a miserable pursuit of unhappiness. We will have discovered it is best to make conscious, heartfelt, and constructive choices when we experience bad attitudes.

The Past

Should have chosen the other path! Could have gotten in, if it hadn’t been for that teacher! Would have done that, if only I had known. Shoulda, coulda, woulda!

We all have a tendency to blame the past for where we are on our journey. We’re human. None of our pasts are perfect. Blaming the past and dwelling on regretful experiences have a way of causing our journey to be stressful, not joyful.

Celebrate the past. Learn from it. Cherish it. The past is already a part of each OneRoad Traveled. Unhappy experiences are a part of our journey, but they can lead to significant paths of happy future experiences. Every joyful human being has had unhappy experiences.

Taking Responsibility

It’s not my fault, it’s not my job, Bob did it, it’s too hard, Mary made me do it.

We take this characteristic of a three year old and take it decades into our life to a point of maturity, aimless wandering, or complete withdrawal.

Taking full responsibility for our choices and actions is the foundation of personal growth. This is so important, so easy to say, so easy to understand, and so incredibly difficult to do. It ends up being one of many parts of the journey of a joyful pursuit of happiness where none of us reach perfection……..but should never give up on making progress.  

If we are not personally responsible for our own pursuit of happiness, who is?