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Expectations and Adversity

Quotesqueen recently posted an awesome Michael J. Fox quote about expectations. Check it out.

Joy and Happiness

It has been said many times the key to happiness is simply to choose happiness. The pursuit of happiness may be a contributor to this dilemma. We may be framing the issue as we either pursue happiness or stop pursuing it.

A problem with all this is our concept of happiness. Our life journey is not one where we seek and find how to be happy about all things at all times.

We will have found the ultimate pursuit is to pursue personal growth. There will always be roadblocks on our journey. Being grateful for the roadblocks is a foundation of personal growth. Adversity motivates change. Without change there is no growth. Without growth there is no life.

When we embrace these concepts, we discover joy. We can be joyful about our journey every day, every moment, for all time.

Prosperity and adversity



Prosperity leads to vice, but adversity leads to virtue.

                                                              Sir Francis Bacon


This is a roadsign for our journey to a joyful pursuit of happiness.