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Directions for Life

Since there is no Map for Life, we discover we determine our own directions. The directions we choose will be best for each of us if we:

  • Assess with Perspective
  • Build with Progress
  • Choose with Willingness

It’s as simple as ABC to state and as difficult to execute as life itself.


As we go along our life journey, we will have discovered building personal integrity is the most powerful trait to possess and the one we have the most control over.

Integrity is about being honest with ourselves. It is about striving to a firm adherence to a code of lofty moral values. High personal integrity creates trustworthiness by standing true to a responsibility or pledge.

Perfect integrity is not reachable on this earth. The journey is to grow forward in knowing oneself, being honest with oneself, building a strong personal moral code, acting in accordance with one’s code and one’s word, and admitting one’s mistakes. Making the same mistakes over and over does not build integrity.  

Building high personal integrity will help make the road smoother to a joyful pursuit of happiness.


When something doesn’t seem right to us, we need to seek understanding. We ask for additional information, communicate the information we have and why we see differences.

Abruptly stating, “I completely disagree,” or “that makes no sense at all” creates anxiety, not understanding.

We will have discovered building understanding is a required part of our foundation for growing as individuals.


Everything is great with our relationships! Right?

It’s all too easy taking for granted the quality of our relationships. Choosing wisely here and knowing ourselves well as it applies to our relationships is potentially the most important and most difficult thing we do on this earth.

We will have found building strong, lasting, and loving relationships is paramount in our joyful journey to the pursuit of happiness.


On our journey to a joyful pursuit of happiness, we will have found it best to treat everything, absolutely everything, as valuable information, and learn from it. The conscious habit of building on experience strengthens the foundation for our OneRoad.